"DVBAI x ENSEMBLE ECONOMIQUE" (Clan Destine Records - 2012)
"A'M Discs" (AM Discs - 2012)


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12/07/2012 | Creepy Teepee Festival | Kutna Hora, CZ
24/06/2012 | alone+together .2: Sunday Morning | Lyon, FR
29/05/2012 | w/Bear In Heaven | The Sonic | Lyon, FR
13/04/2012 | w/Ensemble Economique | La Triperie | Lyon, FR
28/03/2012 | w/Neptune | The Sonic | Lyon, FR

Photo by Charles Siaux
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DUBAI | "Thieves"
Footage from Juzo Itami's Tampopo (1985) | Edited by Karen Rudd

DUBAI | "Unsaid"
Directed by grossymmetric

DUBAI is an intimate project, two people choosing overlapping realities, alone and together.

It exists not here or there, but in something familiar, temporal and strange.
White noise and analog decay are distilled into a cocooning haze, over minimal beats and fragile vocals.
DUBAI maps out a place of its own where complexity and simplicity are faux amis.

AA Barie is formerly the singer for Brooklyn art dance noisers These Are Powers.
Johannes Buff is a French producer and musician. They live in Paris.

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